We at Pop Chart decided to take our love of data (and, well, alcohol) to another level by writing a book.
"A Visual Guide to Drink" breaks down beer, wine & spirits into hundreds of charts. Some of my favorite spreads are below.

The arrival of German beer to America: this map shows the dates and routes of some now worldwide names in beer,
including Coors, Busch, Pabst, Miller and Anheuser.

Ever wondered how man cans of beer you can get from a 5-gallon keg? This flowchart can tell you.

There are so many great French wine grapes. This spread details where in France each can be found.

These bottle breakdowns show how many different grapes (and how much of each) can be found in these Bordeaux blends.

Left: process charts outlining Port and Sherry production.
Right: Fortified Wines origin map (and further in-depth taxonomy).

Left: American Whiskey production map.
Right: American Whiskey type and producer taxonomy.

A convenient ingredient chart for 24 of the most delicious Rum cocktails.

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